bait-and-switch (2)For several days I’ve been relaying nefarious inside information from current and former employees about the Planned Parenthood Keystone affiliate in Pennsylvania  (i.e., unsanitary conditions, slave wages and exorbitant healthcare premiums, and ridiculous patient charges).

On November 12, a worker at Planned Parenthood Allentown wrote this comment about yet another apparent wrong being committed by PP Keystone: bait-and-switch abortions.

Here in Allentown when abortion patients show up half of them don’t know we don’t offer general anesthesia. Talk about informed consent. If they knew that they would all go to Allentown Women’s Center a city over.  By the time they realize what’s going on we have already done an ultrasound, tested for STD’s and they have accrued fees. Yes, you heard right. If they change their mind we charge them item for item. 1 fee for Ultrasound. Another for STD testing, another for RH factor, etc. etc. Since most of our patients are poor they stay rather than leave. Who can afford $200 for NOT having an abortion to drop another $500 at another clinic that DOES offer twilight anesthesia.

Another employee had previously told me PP Allentown hopes to soon offer sedation to better compete with Allentown Women’s Center but doesn’t yet.

I called PP Keystone’s abortion hotline this morning and confirmed the Allentown abortion mill indeed does not offer “conscious sedation,” which the operator described as putting one into a deeply relaxed state. Allentown only offers a local anesthesic to numb the cervix.

I spoke with Alliance Defending Freedom attorney Michael Norton about this apparent PP hustle. He said if it is true that PP isn’t providing full disclosure before the onset of one’s abortion in order to pull her in so deep financially she feels she can’t back out, then PP may be violating a state health standard and may also be liable for medical malpractice, which is suable.

“Women who have been tricked and coerced to complete the abortion procedure after being baited to begin the process may have claims of fraud, failure to provide adequate informed consent, reckless endangerment, and pain and suffering,” said Norton. “In addition, Planned Parenthood may be committing both civil and criminal violations.”

Employees who think they have witnessed this bait-and-switch, and patients who have experienced it or who have been harmed at PP, are urged to contact Norton at

A message to employees

I want to assure all Planned Parenthood employees (from any affiliate anywhere) they have nothing to fear by anonymously posting on this site, or by contacting me at As a citizen journalist, I am protected by the First Amendment from revealing my sources.

Also, some of you have mentioned the idea of unionizing. Go for it! You cannot be fired for attempting to unionize.

2013-11-14_1356On that note, Planned Parenthood Federation of America CEO Cecile Richards is a hypocrite. She is married to Kirk Adams, an executive vice president of the Service Employees International Union, for goodness sakes, who is also a hypocrite.

SEIU boasts “the largest healthcare union in North America with more than 1.1 million members.” Were Planned Parenthood not in SEIU’s sights before, there is no excuse for it not to have been once Richards took over the helm seven years ago. Right under Adams’ nose are prime examples why unionizing was conceived. Again, check out PP workers’ pathetic salaries and impossibly high healthcare premiums.

2013-11-14_1429And Richards, who claims concern for underprivileged communities, is helping perpetuate them by vastly underpaying and underinsuring her very own employees.

Both PP workers and the SEIU are getting screwed by this two-faced couple.

Here are SEIU’s guidelines for forming a union.

UPDATE, 3:45p: Commenter Chris made a great point worth adding to this post:

And there are prolifers out there who will gladly help you find different jobs in other enterprises that truly serve customers! We’re happy to help you make a right decision, it’s a win for us, a win for you, and a win for the lives of innocent human beings!

I would 100% prefer that workers leave PP and take a healthcare jobs that save lives, not destroy them.

To be clear, the only reason I push unionizing PP is to point out the hypocrisy of its leadership as well as imagine how PP would suffer if forced to pay its workers a living wage and provide adequate healthcare. All that money PP currently spends to fight us and promote abortion would be diverted.

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