by Hans Johnson

Years before the succes of Duck Dynasty, Willie and Korie Robertson scraped up enough money to adopt their son Will.

They have four others. Foster child Rebecca, who was an exchange student, and three biological: John Luke, Sadie, and Bella.

Willie spoke to People about  his adoption of Will, Jr.:

“It’s never been a secret. For one thing, he’s biracial, so it was obvious. But here’s the thing: when we look at him, we don’t see an adopted kid. It doesn’t even cross our minds. He’s as much ours as our biological children.”

As for rumors that they’re adopting again: “I will never say never. Adoption is something very close to my heart. We are not currently in the process of adoption, but I always keep an open mind and heart to it.”


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[HT: LauraLoo]

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