by Carder

Abby JohnsonI am not just prolife…. I consider myself whole life. 

Do I support the SNAP program? Yes. 
Do I support Headstart? Yes. 
Do I support universal healthcare for children? Yes. 
Do I support WIC? Yes. 
Do I support the Medicaid program for those who are desperately impoverished and pregnant women? Yes. 
Do I support the death penalty? No. 
Do I support unjust wars? No. 
Would I take ANY child into my home who was neglected? Yes. We are in the process of adopting through the foster care system.
Would I take ANY pregnant mom into my home who was homeless? Absolutely. My family has supported many pregnant mothers. 

Moral of the story…don’t stereotype pro-lifers and put us in a box. We are not all the same.

~ Pro-life advocate Abby Johnson, via her Facebook page, November 15

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