sallykohnby Kelli

Now, as women’s reproductive freedom faces an unprecedented onslaught of political and legislative threats, domestic violence is suddenly on the rise.

Is there a causal link? Probably not. But it’s more than just a coincidence….

Scholars and police attribute the increase in intimate partner violence to the overall downturn in the economy.

And yet especially in the context of reactionary backlash against the advances women over the last 40 years, the increase in domestic violence seems to fit with an overall backlash aimed at putting women in their places economically, culturally and politically.

~ Sally Kohn, making an attempt to link pro-life laws with a rise in domestic violence (despite the facts, as she herself admits), in an article entitled, “What Do Threats To Roe V. Wade And Domestic Violence Have In Common? Patriarchy.” The Daily Beast, January 22

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