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(05-08-13) Kennedy -HS-021

  • Bishop Richard Malone of the Archdiocese of Buffalo has spoken out strongly against the “evolved” abortion position of New York State Sen. Timothy Kennedy (pictured left):

    “For anyone to say that he or she is a faithful Catholic and to be pro-abortion/pro-choice rights is totally inconsistent with Catholic teaching, which is clearly articulated in the catechism of the Catholic Church,” Malone said….

    The bishop’s blast at Kennedy follows a Buffalo News report Sunday in which the senator explained that his views on abortion have “evolved” in the last few years, despite earlier views that fell into the pro-life category and even in the past earned support from the Conservative Party, which opposes the procedure.

  • Pro-abortion groups are continuing their push against the Michael Boggs nomination. This is why the abortion positions of pro-life Democrats often “evolve.” If you want to move up, you’ll be opposed tooth and nail by pro-abortion groups.


  • Someone upset with an Iowa church’s pro-life sign (pictured right) has vandalized it twice:

    But sometime Saturday night, a pro-life sign outside the church was spray-painted. The word “abortion” was crossed out and the “s” in kills covered, leaving “Kill God’s Children.”

  • At Break Point, John Stonestreet says correlation is not necessarily causation as it relates to abortion rates and contraception. He also questions the assumption that contraception is a solution to unwanted pregnancy:

    The ethical considerations surrounding birth control, which for Christians are significant, are too often overlooked and dismissed as uniquely Catholic concerns.

    And that’s why I get nervous when I hear prominent evangelicals embrace contraception as anti-abortion measures merely on the grounds of utility. That kind of thinking can be and is often dangerous. After all, we could forcibly sterilize all teenagers and end teen pregnancy, but no right-thinking person would advocate that. Why is handing out condoms and giving out free birth control pills to people any less problematic?

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