by Carder

Hillary 2016Short of death, they ain’t nothin’ stopping the reality of President Hillary Clinton. The fix is already in.

The media are already running the Queen Bee thru the rehab and sanitizing cycle -holding her up as the brave suffering martyred wife of husband Bill’s sex scandals and of course, polishing her squeaky clean in the Benghazi failure – absolving her of every possible wrongdoing 30 months before the election…

This of course makes for high drama and intrigue in political war rooms all over the country as Republicans are now forced to confront the rising tide of political ignorance brought on by personal immorality.

If you are wondering what the connection might be between political ignorance and personal immorality, it is quite simply – sin.

Sin deadens the intellect. So as people more and more descend into sin and depravity, they will lose their natural virtues – one of which is the ability to distinguish between good and evil.

As God says in the Old Testament – “I will turn them over to a reprobate mind.”

~ Catholic apologist Michael Voris, stating his reasons why the 2016 election of  President Hillary Clinton is inevitable, Church Militant.TV, February 21

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