joshbrahmWe could demonstrate that abortion is wrong even if every single post-abortive woman had positive feelings about her abortion….

I think women should consider whether abortion is not a wise decision, but we also want them thinking about how some things can be wrong even if they don’t affect us negatively.

For example, the head of a corporation that irreparably harms the environment or kills whales around Antarctica may not feel any guilt from that, and he may not suffer any loss in profit either. Yet it may still be immoral to harm whales or the environment in that way….

Here’s what I would never do: Say that you don’t believe the person in front of you. “But everybody is affected by abortion!” “You may not feel guilt yet, but you will later.” Statements like that will not be helpful.

~ Josh Brahm, Education Director for Right to Life of Central California and host of podcast turned radio/TV show, Life Report: Pro-Life Talk. Real World Answers, responding to a question about how to address a woman who says abortion has improved her life,, March 18

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