Rand Paul interview with David AxelrodLast week on The O’Reilly Factor Charles Krauthammer unintentionally debunked the frustrating statement made by pro-life Senator Rand Paul (pictured right) about abortion during his April 22 interview with David Axelrod. Paul said, quoting usnews.com:

On whether he’d sign a law restricting abortion rights:

“I think where the country is, is somewhere in the middle. We’re not changing any of the laws until the country is persuaded otherwise.”

It apparently doesn’t occur to people who think like Paul that unrestricted abortion was thrust upon this country in the first place when at least 2/3 of the states opposed it.

Krauthammer is pro-abortion, so I’m sure it never occurred to him that his thoughts about overturning segregation laws in the U.S. might also be applied to overturning abortion laws. Krauthammer said (beginning at 1:30 on the video):

But we decided as a society to step in and make it [segregation] illegal, not to wait for culture to reach a point of tolerance… to make it illegal. So that’s the country speaking to its own citizens and saying there’s a new norm, and, you’re going to have to act in a certain way. You may not want to serve somebody at your counter. You have to, or you’re going to be in trouble with the law.

And that over a generation or two is a teaching mechanism. And I think the country has done very well. The law influences the culture, and the culture influences the law. We have come an incredibly long way.

Pro-lifers do indeed have to work to shift culture, and we’ve come a long way in that regard.

But pro-life politicians who have the power to change law and don’t are simply cowards. They make do-nothing excuses such as Paul’s simply because they fear voter and media backlash.

Were pro-life politicians to take stronger steps to outlaw abortion, you can bet the public would amend its sexual behavior accordingly, as Krauthammer aptly pointed out with regard to segregation.

[Photo via usnews.com]

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