by JivinJ, host of the blog, JivinJehoshaphat, Pro-Life news brief:

  • Margo Davidson, the cousin of Gosnell victim Semika Shaw, won her primary race in Pennsylvania. Abortion advocates pushed for Davidson’s removal after she voted in favor of abortion clinic regulations which would have protected her cousin.
  • The nation of Armenia may move to restrict sex selection abortions:
    The head of RA National Assembly Standing Committee on Healthcare, Maternity and Childhood Affairs Ara Babloyan held a workshop on the topic “Sex selective abortion occurrences and causes in Armenia” where he mentions that the problem must be treated on a legislative level.Upon the discussed project, it is suggested not to inform the parents about the child’s sex before the fetus is thirty weeks old. The project is not yet put to circulation, however after the discussions it will be sent to the government.A mother of two daughters and one son, 35-year-old Marine Sargsyan from Echmiadzin says that before giving birth to her son she did a sex selective abortion three times, because every time the fetus was a girl.
  • A Dutch man was jailed for disturbing a euthanization:
    The man created the disturbance at a nursing home in Waalwijk, upsetting the dying patient and family in the last moments of life, news agency ANP reports. The man also refused to leave when asked to do so.The judge in the case said he was also concerned about the man’s opposition to abortion. He considers all doctors who help out at abortions should be killed, ANP says.
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