by JivinJ, host of the blog, JivinJehoshaphat

  • Another Texas abortion clinic closes its doors:

    A women’s clinic in North Austin closed its doors Thursday because it can not comply with the House Bill 2 standard of an ambulatory surgical center, Whole Woman’s Health said….

    The Austin Whole Woman’s Health Clinic had 10 employees and two doctors. Its license officially expired at the end of last month.

    The company’s CEO told KVUE’s partners at the Austin American-Statesman that renovations to create larger operating rooms, a sterile ventilation system and other changes could cost up to $2 million, and they didn’t have the money to make the changes.

  • In Illinois, a pregnant teenager and her boyfriend have been charged in the death of her mother. The boyfriend claimed he killed the mother because she wanted his girlfriend to have an abortion.


  • An Australian couple has abandoned a twin boy they paid a surrogate to carry because the child has Down Syndrome. When they learned about the baby’s diagnosis (he also has a congenital heart defect), they asked the surrogate mother to have an abortion. She refused, citing her Buddhist beliefs. The Australian couple, however, took the boy’s twin sister, who does not have Ds, leaving the surrogate mother to foot the bill for the little boy and his medical care:

    “They told me to have an abortion but I didn’t agree because I am afraid of sin,” Mrs Pattharamon told Fairfax Media. She said abortion was against her Buddhist beliefs.

    Mrs Pattharamon had the baby via a surrogacy agency in Bangkok and never met the couple.

    “I asked the agency ‘Did I have to sleep with the man?’ I was an innocent young girl and I don’t know about this business,” she said.

    “The agent told me: ‘We are going to make a glass tube baby,’ but I didn’t understand. My husband agreed because we didn’t have money to pay our debt and I didn’t need to have sex with another man.”

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