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  • Suzy B links to an article in the New York Times discussing their efforts to teach politicians and pro-lifers in the public eye how to frame discussions on abortion and life issues.


  • ProLifeBlogs features Operation Rescue’s post regarding Planned Parenthood of St. Louis’ choice to make ambulance calls to a private service (despite slower response time than 911) in order to prevent pro-lifers from obtaining 911 call information under the Freedom of Information Act. Prior to this, Operation Rescue had been given a heavily redacted report of a PP ambulance call from the St. Louis Fire Department, which resulted in OR filing a lawsuit. Planned Parenthood’s decision puts the safety of women second to protecting their own supposedly “safe” image, as this particular clinic has had 26 known incidents in the past five years.
  • At National Review, Michael J. New discusses the decision of the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals to strike down a Mississippi admitting privileges law, pointing out the court’s odd reasoning and asking if the sole abortion clinic in MS could ever be closed based on their reasoning, even for health and safety violations:

    The oddest part of the majority decision is that the court cited the Supreme Court’s 1938 Missouri ex rel. Gaines v. Canada as precedent. Instead of admitting African Americans into the University of Missouri Law School, the state gave them a voucher they could use to attend law school elsewhere. The Supreme Court ruled that this violated the equal-protection clause, stating that “a state may not shift its equal protection duties to another state.”

    This is the first time the Gaines has been cited in an abortion case, and it’s easy to see why: The case is a very poor parallel. The main difference is that running a law school is a function of the state; providing abortions is not. The Supreme Court’s decisions in Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey have given women a right to an abortion. However, they did not mandate that states had to provide abortions. If the last abortion clinic in Mississippi closed on its own, the state would not be obligated to start opening them up itself….

    It would be unfortunate if Mississippi’s Department of Health would be unable to completely enforce various health and safety rules because of this ruling.

  • Saynsumthn’s Blog says Life Dynamics, Inc. has launched a national litigation plan “to educate attorneys on how they can help stop the scandal of family planning centers covering up for men who rape children.”


  • At The Vine, Breeanne Howe writes about her experience attending a forum entitled, “Does God Love Women Who Get Abortions?” at a Netroots Nation convention. Netroots is known as a “progressive” online and in-person forum for using technology to influence public debate. Given that Democrats booed the idea of any inclusion of God in their official platform, Howe thought the topic would be interesting – and it was. She says the forum’s title question was the only thing the panel seemed to get right: yes, God loves women who have abortions. Howe also exposes the less-than-Christian views espoused by the purported Christians on the panel, along with the fact that abortion advocates are finding it necessary to change their euphemisms for supporting abortion:

    When I arrived, panelist Carolyn Meagher (who isn’t sure she buys the resurrection story!), of First Congregational United Church of Christ (a self-described progressive, inclusive, spiritually alive servant community), was speaking about how churches seek to keep women down. She called it “Kitchen, Church, Kids” which she for some reason shortened to KKK and then equated with Nazi Germany. So to recap, five minutes into the panel the traditional church had been compared to Nazis. We were obviously at the start of an interesting ride….

    My suspicion about Meagher was confirmed at the close of the panel. Democrats have a habit of changing their language when the current language is found out by the majority. In other words, once people understand they are talking about killing babies they need to use different words – as if saying it another way makes it something different. So in ending, Meagher reminded the audience that the term “reproductive justice” should be used instead of pro-choice. In that way they can justify baby murder as a human right.

[Photos via Operation Rescue, The Vine]

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