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  • Americans United for Life board member Monique Chireau was quoted in a piece at the New York Times, but AUL says the NYT failed to report some pertinent information:

    Abortion data in the United States is VOLUNTARILY reported by abortionists – and some states don’t report at all.

    In contrast to most important health indicators – births, deaths, cancer, HIV, STDs, etc. – there is no national reporting law requiring that abortions or their complications be reported to national health officials or agencies. Our model legislation has been designed to address this void. And to require women and girls be given all the information available before having an abortion or taking a life-ending drug.


  • Big Blue Wave reports on a trend from India in which multiple surrogates are impregnated and then the healthiest of their preborn children are “cherry picked” – while abortion is demanded of those not selected. The surrogates have no rights and are often forced to take abortion pills (unknowingly) upon command, and are then told that they have miscarried:

    What makes such cases worse is that surrogates often have to forfeit a significant portion of their fee if they miscarry. Some are not even paid if they fail to conceive.

    Where is the dignity of the human person in any of this?

  • Clinic Quotes has a 2005 quote from an abortion clinic administrator, which reveals the stigma of abortion, even among the medical community:

    It’s just so difficult to provide abortions for patients here when there’s zero support from the medical community.

    Nine years later, not much has changed. Medical professionals still shun abortion.

  • The Leading Edge says New Zealand’s leading newspaper is sending mixed messages by publishing an article which glamorizes elderly suicide and yet ends with a list of help lines for suicide prevention. Is this their idea of balanced?

    This morning the NZ Herald has published a lead article that should cause all of us who care about vulnerable and isolated members of our community to be extremely concerned.

    The article presents a favourable view of the very tragic act of suicide, and even encourages people to read excerpts from the suicide note that the victim left behind which promotes suicide as a positive thing.


  • In light of PBS’ decision to air a documentary glorifying late-term abortionists, Pro-Life in TN reposts some popular stories of couples who carried to term and honored the lives of their children, however brief.

    These parents who chose life in the midst of difficulty are the real heroes – not those who profit from killing such children. The documentary Choosing Thomas is especially inspiring (screenshot from film, right). Thomas’ mother summed up the dignity of her son’s life with these words: “We didn’t terminate because he was our son.”

  • At Live Action News, Lauren Enriquez discusses the sinister mentality that lies at the heart of the anti-life movement:

    What do Margaret Sanger, After Tiller, and child euthanasia have in common? The idea that some lives are not worth living….

    Obstetricians have bought into the notion that “quality of life” trumps “right to life.” They are not encouraged to wait and see what happens at birth, to give the baby a chance to fight, or — most disappointing of all — to see what the baby actually has to offer the world himself by being given the chance to exist. Yes, maybe he will die in his mother’s arms after he is born. Yes, maybe he will suffer. But suffering should not determine a person’s inherent value….

    Viewing only certain, select lives as valuable represents a miserable failure to the suffering, or “unfit” of the world. These can become the direct victims — of Margaret Sanger’s eugenics, abortionists’ brutality, or “progressive” countries’ euthanasia. But the direct victims of these actions are not the only ones victimized by this worldview. Indeed, every human to whom it is suggested that his value is measurable by another person suffers a grave injustice.

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