jennifer-lawrenceby Kelli

By insinuating that women ought to “pay up” and provide naked photos of themselves to whatever man they’re in a relationship with at the moment, [actress Jennifer] Lawrence objectifies women. She degrades them as little more than sex objects, designed to satisfy the appetites of men.

I can’t even express how wrong this is. No, young woman, it is not your duty to take and share naked photos of yourself with your boyfriend. If you believe he’s either going to look at you or find other naked women, find a different man.

You deserve better.

There are men out there who actually respect women and their bodies. They would never expect their woman to text naked photos of herself. Objectifying – and all too often humiliating – yourself in this way is not what a good, respectful man expects….

Unfortunately, it’s these kind of objectifying attitudes that wage a real War on Women in our nation. When women feel like objects and things that men can own, it sadly follows that they view their own children as objects and things that they can freely discard.

~ Kristi Burton Brown, responding to actress Jennifer Lawrence’s claim that “either your boyfriend is going to look at porn or he’s going to look at you,” Live Action News, October 9

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