brave-new-worldby Kelli

This is not a world we want to live in, although many have tried to create it for several decades now. Already, a crude form of this Brave New World has been created through the pill, a chemical weapon which women are conditioned to use on themselves.

Pregnancy is equated to a parasitic condition and an inconvenience, and by persuading women of these subtle lies, they are objectified and turned into sexual objects. Instead of being potential mothers and wives, women are now reduced to willing recreational victims of male sexual desire.

We must pray that Dr. Djerassi’s vision of a brave new world is wrong, and that the world will not turn to IVF and normalize recreational sex as the new normal. We must keep in mind that Brave New World was science fiction, and it was a cautionary tale, told for a reason.

~ Catholic Online, responding to Pill creator Carl Djerassi’s widely publicized claim that by 2050, sex will be solely for recreation and children will be conceived via IVF, November 11

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