by Jill

Over the last few days left wing “news” outlets – the the help of Planned Parenthood – have glaringly misappropriated Wisconsin Gov. and pro-life GOP presidential candidate Scott’s Walker’s innocent comment that ultrasound images of preborn babies are “cool” as thumbs-up support of mandatory transvaginal ultrasounds.

Caleb Howe at Red State picked up the story from there:

“Walker Derangement Syndrome’ is absolutely correct. The left and the media (standard “but I repeat myself” joke goes here) will relentlessly latch onto stories that they think paint Republicans as monsters, particularly if it can be used as a demographic wedge. Republicans hate minorities. Republicans hate immigrants. Republicans hate gays. Republicans hate abortion. Well . that last one is actually true, for the most part. And the way it spreads is utterly predictable. For this so-called scandal, and future ones, Dana Loesch mapped out the anatomy on her Blaze TV show Thursday.,.


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