poll%20graphic%20correct%20size.bmpThe new poll question is up:

Off-topic question this week: The spike in gas prices, plus the Senate’s May 13 vote to continue blocking ANWR and offshore oil exploration, has provoked an American uprising, size and strength yet unknown. What is your opinion of domestic oil drilling?

I’ll be interested to compare answers between Americans and our International friends.
On last week’s poll, “Other” came in 1st, followed by Romney, who barely edged out Lieberman, with Huckabee coming in 3rd….

slide 1 5-31.JPG
But you’ll see most “Other” votes came from overseas. I’d be interested to know what candidates they were thinking of. Click to enlarge to find your own personal brightly colored flag:
slide 2 5-31.JPG
slide 3 5-31.JPG
If you want to view these maps in more detail, click on “Comment” on the Vizu poll, You’ll see this week’s map, which can be manipulated and enlarged. If you want to check a previous week’s poll map, after clicking “Comment,” highlight “My Vizu,” click on “My Polls,” and then click on the poll question that interests you. You’ll see the map.
As always, please make comments to either the old or new poll here, not at the Vizu website.

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