On Saturday, the day before Mother’s Day, TN, pro-lifers organized a funeral “Procession of Healing” to commemorate 3,100 babies killed by abortion in Knox Co. last year.
Between 300-350 cars participated in the funeral procession that wove through Knoxville. Must have been quite something. Watch a VolunteerTV.com news video by clicking on the graphic below:
procession of healing.jpg
According to knoxnews.com:

Organizers formulated the idea after hearing of a funeral and burial of 25 aborted babies found in dumpsters behind a clinic in Detroit.

Hodari’s babies.
Balance, we must have balance. So VolunteerTV.com dredged up a pro-abort to condemn the mourning:

“I think that it is a little dramatic, and implies that it was a kind of intended murder, which I don’t believe choice is,” said Ina Hughs, a pro-choice advocate who also said she understands why healing is needed, but called the procession a mockery. “I think it denigrated the spiritual and ritual side of a funeral.”

Notice Hughs avoided the word abortion, which rendered her statement incoherent. And why is healing needed? Exactly WHY?

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