USA Today questions today whether there was a pregnancy pact at Gloucester High School in MA that resulted in at least 8 of 18 girls all under the age of 16 – likely Freshmen – getting pregnant simultaneously on purpose.
Whether or not there was a pact, which the Time reporter who originally wrote the story stands by, the question remains, as Ray Lamont, editor of the Gloucester Daily Times, told USA Today: “‘Pact’ or not, these kids thought it would be cool to be moms together. Where did they get that idea?”
The standout line in the article was:

“This is not a story about sex education,” says Sarah Brown of the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy. “This is a story about a failure to take childbirth seriously. These girls could have had condoms distributed in their living rooms, and they still would have gotten pregnant.”

Of course it’s not a story about sex education, because only comprehensive sex ed is taught in MA public schools.
The governor last year went so far as to reject federal abstinence funding, which PP of MA gleefully reported:
pp ma.jpg
Had this been a school system that taught abstinence sex ed only, you’d best believe that point would already be central to the story.
Why is no MSM outlet researching Gloucester’s sex ed program? Could it be because PP and the comprehensive sex ed crowd are in the thick of it? Could it be this drama starkly highlights the difference between abstinence and comprehensive sex ed teaching?
Compared to abstinence education, comprehensive sex ed is values free, except perhaps to teach the “value” of how to avoid getting pregnant when having the sex it promotes.
Abstinence education focuses on self- and other-respect. It focuses on goals and dreams that having premature sex can stop. All this was abysmally lacking in the sex ed provided these girls.
Developing story….
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