aul_logo.gifThis is very generous, a way to ensure non-profit pro-life groups have the wherewithal to publish voter guides and then make them available to churches. Both are 501(c)(3) charitable organizations.
From Americans United for Life, today:

Americans United for Life today announces the availability of $500,000 for 501(c)(3) organizations who wish to create and distribute non-partisan educational voter guides for the upcoming elections….

AUL President Dr. Charmaine Yoest said, “Voter guides are a way to empower voters to make well-informed choices on election day. Pro-life Americans want to get beyond the spin and know the truth, based on the record, about where the candidates stand.”
Daniel McConchie, AUL Vice President & Executive Director, added, “Pro-life voters are a key constituency that both Democrats and Republicans ignore at their peril. AUL is looking forward to helping pro-life Americans across the country vote their values in this election.”
AUL spent $215,000 on creation and distribution of more than 2.8 million voter guides in 2006. With the additional investment this year, AUL plans to distribute more than 6 million voter guides nationwide.
Organizations interested in applying for voter-guide funds should contact Daniel McConchie by September 12.
For more information or to apply, contact:
Daniel McConchie
Americans United for Life
310 S. Peoria St.
Ste. 500
Chicago, IL 60607

On another note, Dan McConchie is our pro-life friend many will recall was involved in a terrible motorcycle accident 14 months ago, leaving him wheelchair bound. He’s now back at work full time, praise God.

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