Last week, BornAliveTruth.org unveiled its premier ad, featuring for the first time ever an abortion survivor speaking to a national audience. In the ad, Gianna Jessen appealed to Barack Obama to reconsider his prejudice against gutsy babies like her.
Gianna was aborted in 1977 by infamous CA abortionist Edward Allred, who is named on her birth certificate as her attending physician. Gianna’s 17-year-old mother aborted her at 29-1/2 weeks’ gestation after belatedly deciding the time wasn’t right….
Gianna was externally and internally scalded [by a saline solution] for 18 hours, but her mother’s bag of waters ruptured before Gianna died, and Gianna was delivered kicking and squalling….
Were it up to Obama, Gianna would not be here….

language threatening.jpg

Doubt me? Obama’s website lists the following language as “Language Clearly Threatening Roe” from the first, second and third versions the IL’s Born Alive Infants Protection Act:
A live child born as a result of an abortion shall be fully recognized as a human person and accorded immediate protection under the law.
In Obama’s mind, Gianna was not a human person when born and not eligible for legal protection.
If Obama doesn’t believe abortion survivors are legal persons, it is perfectly legal to draw and quarter them by the dilatation and extraction (D&E) abortion procedure after delivery. It is perfectly legal to drown them in a bucket of water, the equivalent to a hysterotomy abortion wherein the baby is drowned in amniotic fluid. Obama must explain why this absolutely wouldn’t be so….

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