I wrote in my column yesterday that part of Planned Parenthood of KS/George Tiller’s strategy to beat Phill Kline’s rap against them is to file nuisance lawsuits and subpoenas to persecute their prosecutor.
phill kline flag.jpgThe ink is barely dry on the KS Supreme Court’s latest decision against PP and in favor of Kline, and the Associated Press is reporting PP plans to file its SIXTH subpoena against Kline to go over the same issue: the working copies of records he has. The goal is, obviously, to trip Kline up and accuse him of perjury. From the AP article:

[PP attorney Pedro] Irigonegaray said he wants to force Kline to testify and to produce a detailed accounting of the records in his possession and who’s had access to them.

I repeat, if the court allows this, it would be the SIXTH interrogration of Kline by PP on the SAME ISSUE. The premise of the subpoena is PP’s concern Kline will take the records with him when he leaves office, which is absurd:

Irigonegaray acknowledged he’s received no complaint or notice that Kline intends to take materials with him when he leaves office.

I understand the subpoena cites no case law or statute. It has been filed without legal precedent. A hearing is scheduled for December 18 before the very same judge, Stephen Tatum – who has yet to schedule a hearing to decide whether Kline has enough evidence against PP to go to trial!
[HT: Susie A.]

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