photo late term.jpgOperation Rescue has posted its top 10 abortion stories of 2008. All are good, but one caught my eye that I’d wanted to report at the time but couldn’t get to, OR’s #8:

Late abortions in KS decrease by 54% since Operation Rescue’s arrival

Statistics for 2007, released by the KS Dept. of Health and Environment this year, show that since Operation Rescue relocated to KS in 2002, late-term post-viability abortions have dropped an amazing 54%. That includes a 28% decrease in 2007, a year in which OR hosted three major prayer events, and continued to expose Tiller wrong-doing.

A most interesting statistic to me was that late-term abortions dropped 23% in KS from 2006 to 2007, indicating Tiller is being much more cautious about committing late-term abortions with OR dogging him and the ongoing investigations that were launched 5 years ago by Phill Kline….

Many may not know that Troy Newman and OR relocated their headquarters and families to KS specifically to put Tiller out of business.
What do you think was the top abortion story of 2008? I think the barrage of exposés against Planned Parenthood for underage rape cover-up may be it.
And perhaps because I was so involved in it, I think the exposure of the induced labor abortion issue and post-abortion infanticide was another top story, courtesy of the Barack Obama campaign. He may have won the presidency, but I think public awareness of the depravity of abortion increased and hopefully distaste of abortion along with it.

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