As expected, KS late-term abortionist George Tiller’s alleged shooter, Scott Roeder, is a fringe character with a criminal history dating back to at least 1996 for parole violation after being convicted of carrying bomb components in his car.
Every movement has its fringe element, and of course these people do not represent the movement, as intelligent people know. No one views homosexuals as a group of serial killers just because John Wayne Gacy and Jeffrey Dahmer were, for example.
But pro-aborts are in the unique position of condoning and profiting from the murder of innocent children. So it makes complete sense that they would attempt to accuse their adversaries as what they themselves are guilty of: violence. And so they have, for years.
Already we see pro-aborts attempting to exploit Tiller’s unfortunate murder to their advantage. Read this, just up on Feministing:
tiller feministing 2.jpg
This is all an attempt to put pro-lifers on the defensive and somehow shine as advocates of nonviolence.
How ridiculous. Don’t fall for it. Continue to simply state pro-lifers condemn all murder, including George Tiller’s, as well as the thousands of children he murdered.

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