Today on Newsbusters, Matthew Balan pointed out CNN’s pro-abortion bias in an interview between anchor Kiran Chetry and AL abortionist Diane Derzis. Balan wrote…

After Derzis included a statement of pride in her work as an “abortion provider,” Chetry seemed to empathize either further with her: “… It’s a choice that no one wants to have to make. People make it obviously, but when you say you love what you do, explain that.”
The CNN anchor then read a statement by Christian Defense Coalition leader Reverend Pat Mahoney, who denounced the murder of Tiller, and included his view that he didn’t “know of one legitimate pro-life leader who would not unequivocally condemn this.” Derzis flatly called that view a “lie,” and when Chetry asked her to just clarify, she went much further:

These people – the rhetoric these people espoused – calls for our deaths, every day, in front of these clinics. You know, he’s saying that only because of the timing of this particular shooting….
These people have put the target on our chest, on our backs…. The people, by and large, who stand in front of these clinics every day have their own agenda, and that agenda is to do away with abortion in whatever way they can. The election of Barack Obama put them in a corner. They’re losing, and the only way they see to take care of this is to kill us. This is just the first of what I foresee as many more….

Chetry’s second question to Derzis during the interview was also rather sympathetic: “What is it like going to work knowing you have a target on your head?” This question, highlighted by Laura Ingraham on Monday, led the talk show host to call for the firing of the CNN anchor.

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