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  • 2 Seconds Faster comments on Planned Parenthood’s continued fight against the rights of parents to protect their minor daughters from the “cure-all” of abortion…

    Right now in 2 states PP is trying to force parents out of their children’s lives, and in an indirect way telling teens that it is better for them if they lie to their parents on a daily basis. This is not a family organization…
    How much money has PP spent… trying to stop parental involvement? Why do Planned Parenthood and other liberal minded people hate it when We The People get to make our voices heard through voting?

    Quoted is an article from Medical News Today, regarding the current battle in Alaska:

    Planned Parenthood of Alaska and an Anchorage high school teacher filed a lawsuit in Anchorage Superior Court on Friday to block a voter initiative that would make it illegal for minors younger than age 18 to obtain abortion services without parental notification….

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  • Mark Crutcher discusses the fallacy of the “common ground” approach to abortion in his blog this week. After listing several excellent points, he sums up by saying:

    … [W]hen we drink the common ground Kool Aid, we are signaling that we think we have lost this battle. That is particularly obvious in light of the fact that these discussions are always held on our enemy’s terms. In most venues, that would be translated as meaning “unconditional surrender.”
    But the fact is that we are winning; we just need to act like it. As long as the killing continues, we have no common ground with these people nor should we seek any. Remember, prior to World War II we had long discussions with the Japanese trying to avert the war. But at Pearl Harbor, the talking ended. Our leaders understood that when people are threatening to do evil, discussions with them are a reasonable thing. But once they have begun doing that evil, there is nothing more to talk about. From that moment on, the only goal is to stop them.
    That must always be our goal as well. When those who slaughter the unborn – and those who defend it – come to us with big toothy grins and an invitation to some Common Ground Beer Summit, we would be wise to remember that when a wolf shows his teeth, he isn’t smiling.

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  • John Jacubczyk also addresses “common ground” from a slightly different perspective – adoption:

    Of course “common ground” from their perspective is that “we decide to agree with them because …. well, because.” And of course they all want to discuss contraception and they want us to agree that Planned Parenthood should continue to get millions of tax dollars to feed the abortion industry….
    But rather than simply complain, I will offer a real positive solution to the problem… We have known about it for decades. It use to be the default position when someone had an unplanned pregnancy and the woman was not married. It is called adoption….
    … We just need to connect the 1 million or so mothers with the 2 million couples. Now can’t we all come together on this and agree to stop the killing and place these babies with these couples?

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