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On October 17, the National Abortion Federation held a “Remembering Dr. Tiller” event at the Westin Hotel in Denver, with 200 abortionists from around the world attending. I simply can’t imagine being in a room full of abortionists. Their hands, yuck. What did they talk about? Although the thought of all this truly creeps me out, this is the sort of event where I’d like to be a fly on the wall.
Jeanne Tiller accepted the award on behalf of her husband George, who was murdered May 31.
American Right to Life got wind of the event beforehand and were able to strategically place cars across the street from the Westin, honoring one of their maxims, “no child killing with tranquility.”
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ARTL also strategically placed pro-lifers with banners at the hotel’s drop-off point. International abortionists were likely unfamiliar with American-style pro-life protests showing the truth of abortion with graphic photos.
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National Abortion Federation, Denver, Jeanne Tiller, George Tiller pro-life signs at Westin entrance.jpgAccording to ARTL, one idiotic abortionist had the nerve to accuse pro-lifers – one holding photos of a ripped off baby’s head – of intolerance.
ARTL also had pro-lifers planted inside the hotel. When seeing Jeanne Tiller walk through, they handed her 2 pieces of literature. One was a pamphlet that included photos provided by Tiller himself of a post-abortive baby staged with her parents, along with her mother’s emotional recantation after she came to her senses.
Denver, National Abortion Federation, Jeanne Tiller, George Tiller, Westin Hotel, pamphlet.jpgThe other was read, “Jeanne Tiller gets an award for this?” showing what her husband did to earn millions of dollars.
A undercover pro-lifer on hand to observe reported Jeanne did an about-face, asked the concierge how to get to the parking garage, and did not return until 8p, when she was to receive the award.

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