Pierre Renelique, Hialeah, Florida, abortion, New York.jpgWhen last we saw Pierre Renelique, the State of Florida had revoked his medical license, and he was one of the well-deserved targets of a civil lawsuit.
Renelique was the abortionist on call when in 2006 A Gyn Diagnostics abortion mill owner Belkis Gonzalez allegedly killed an abortion survivor and threw the little girl in a biohazard bag onto her Hialeah, FL, clinic roof to hide the baby from police.
Renelique had been called several times while the baby’s mother, Sycloria Williams, was in active labor but failed to show.
It got worse. According to records

When the Respondent arrived at the Hialeah clinic, no staff member told him that the fetus had been delivered. The Respondent told an unlicensed staff member to start an IV in SW [Sycloria Williams]. The staff member was unable to accomplish this procedure….
The Respondent performed a dilatation and extraction procedure and discovered there was no fetus in the fetal sac. Staff then told him that SW had delivered the fetus. Despite this the Respondent claimed in the patient record that he had performed a dilatation and extraction abortion.

On February 16, 2009, the State of FL revoked Renelique’s medical license. He is also one of several Williams is now suing.
Meanwhile, since Renelique had been previously licensed to practice medicine in NY, he hightailed it north, where until very recently the state website was good enough to list him (click to enlarge)…
Pierre Renelique, New York medical license, abortion, Sycloria Williams, Hialeah, Florida, Belkis Gonzalez, infanticide.jpg
… until his past caught up with him. Check the state website now, and Renelique’s name is gone.
But that’s NOT because NY has revoked Renelique’s license. On October 13 it merely placed him on a 2-year probation. Disgusting. So much for women’s health and safety. I’m sure liberal feminists will soon decry that this menace to female society has not been taken off the ob/gyn streets. Not.
Renelique must apparently file proof he has obtained malpractice insurance for $2 million per occurrence and $6 million per year before being relisted.
So at least then if he maims or kills a woman in NY, he’ll be covered.
[HT: Tom Brejcha of the Thomas More Society, the legal firm representing Sycloria Williams in her civil lawsuit; Ed Brophy; Tom Cielska]

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