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  • At the Abortioneers blog, one abortion clinic worker posts the entirety of a journal article (with the exception of references) focusing on second-trimester abortions and why some abortionists don’t perform them.
    It is written by a female abortionist who is extremely direct and the article includes a number of personal stories relating to abortion. She talks about “the personal and psychological aspects” of performing second trimester abortions, the “visual and visceral dimensions of second trimester abortion,” the “violence inherent in abortion, especially apparent in the second trimester” and “legitimate ethical and moral issues providers may have with second trimester abortion, as distinct from first trimester abortion.”
    I would strongly suggest you read the whole thing….
  • The UK Mirror reports a doctor is on trial after allegedly attempting to abort his mistress’ child by spiking her drink with abortion drugs:

    Miss Prowse, who eventually gave birth to a healthy baby boy, said she agreed to have an abortion but then changed her mind….
    The court was told that Miss Prowse kept the remains of the drinks and, when analysed by police, were found to contain abortion drugs diclofenac, misoprostol and methotrexate.
    Miss Prowse said: “He told me if I had the baby it would ‘destroy him’.” The court heard that abortion drugs were found on Erin and his wife had seen him grinding up tablets.

  • William McGurn has a piece in the Wall Street Journal on how Congressman Bart Stupak is becoming a problem in the same way that former PA Gov. Robert Casey was a problem for the party’s abortion proponents.
    Meanwhile Governor Casey’s son, Senator Bob Casey, seems to be struggling with what to do if abortion funding is included in health care reform legislation:

    Casey, in an interview, said it is one of many concerns he plans to bring to the White House and Senate leadership before the measure comes up for a vote.
    ”We’re trying to make sure we don’t have federal tax dollars paying for abortion,” he said.
    Still, he doesn’t want to let any one issue stand in the way of a health care overhaul. ”We shouldn’t have this debate be an impediment to getting a bill passed,” he said.

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