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  • Geron is hoping to restart its delayed clinical trial using human embryonic stem cells in the third quarter of 2010:
  • In August, the company delayed human clinical trials of the drug candidate because some of the animals treated with the injection developed microscopic spinal cysts. The company has been testing the product on rats and mice.

  • The Derry Journal has the story of a premature infant who survived after being born at 24 weeks, weighing slightly more than a pound…

  • Eva Marie is a wee miracle,” says Donna. “I want people to look at Eva Marie’s story and see how she survived at 24 weeks. If there’s anyone out there considering abortion, Eva Marie’s story may make them think again. Doctors say she is a true warrior. Now she’s just like a newborn baby weighing six pounds. Eva Marie is absolutely amazing – she is one of Derry’s real life miracles.”

  • Sarah Kliff has an article in Newsweek on the Personhood movement.
  • A NC man was arrested outside an abortion clinic after he was found carrying a gun.
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