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I know TMZ was sensationalizing a headline to attract attention to the following story today, but in this case “brutal murder” was an honest portrayal of the crime:

Cops believe they now know how a famous L.A. restaurateur allegedly murdered his unborn child – and it all has to do with a deadly white powder.

TMZ has obtained the search warrant affidavit in the investigation of Josh Woodward – co-owner of L.A.’s 8 Oz. Burger Bar and several famous restaurants around the country.
In the docs, Woodward’s baby mama says one night back in October – when she was pregnant – Woodward kept putting his hand in a plastic bag and then touching her sexually.
The woman says she lost the baby a few hours later… and remembers seeing a white powdery substance on her underwear.

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According to the affidavit, cops had reason to believe the powder was a drug called Misoprostol – which is often used for early abortions and to induce labor. Cops then executed the warrant and set up a sting operation.
Now get this: Under police supervision, the woman called Woodward – who did not know she had lost the baby – and told him she was still pregnant and wanted him to come over.
According to the affidavit, when police approached Woodward outside of her apartment, he pulled out a “small piece of clear plastic with a white powdery substance” from his pocket and dropped it on the ground.
Police seized the substance – which Woodward would not identify – and arrested him. Cops are waiting on the test results of the substance, but believe it’s Misoprostol. Woodward has yet to be charged with a crime.

Misoprostol (trade name Cytotec) is the drug used to dilate the cervix in induced labor abortions. It is also the 2nd half of the RU-486 abortion cocktail. RU-486 kills the preborn baby, and Misoprostol dilates the cervix to expel the dead baby.
I’ll be interested to see what charges are levied against this creep.
Misoprostol is easily available via the online black market. Since it is obviously dangerous and easily exploited by men, I would have expected feminist groups to call for a crackdown on criminal sales, but nary a peep yet.
I’m very sorry for this mother’s loss. She was sleeping with the lowest scum of the earth, someone who would murder his own child, as TMZ correctly stated.
[HT: daughter-in-law Lisa]

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