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Spotlighting important information gleaned from other pro-life blogs…

  • Thomas Armstrong writes in the Examiner on the role of abstinence in the decline of HIV/AIDS in Africa:
  • HIV and AIDS technical adviser, Matthew Hanley, notes the real, measurable success these programs can have: “First, actual changes in patterns of sexual behavior have led to the most significant reductions in HIV prevalence. Take the well-known case of Uganda, where the prevalence rate dropped from 15% in 1991 to a little over 5% in 2001. Behavior change was so thorough in Uganda that by the mid-1990s, 95% of adults in that country said they had only one partner or none at all. But it is not only Uganda.”
    Hanley goes on to note that in other countries such as Kenya and Zimbabwe, fidelity has been shown to have the greatest impact on declining rates of HIV, and furthermore notes that countries like South Africa who have merely championed condoms have seen little movement in declining rates. Treating other STDs, providing voluntary counseling and testing, and teaching safe sex practices have been ineffective compared to programs that have successfully instituted abstinence programs.

  • Sharon Hughes draws attention to the Rasmussen poll that 59% of Americans say it’s “at least somewhat likely that some scientists have falsified research data to support their own theories and beliefs about global warming.”
    As it turns out, almost half of all polled also view the United Nations as unreliable on the issue of global warming.
    And on that note, Amy Proctor reports Al Gore has canceled his speech at the upcoming UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen.

  • Priests for Life Executive Director Janet Morana shares her view on why Sarah Palin continues to be under attack:
  • Now when the women who sacrificed motherhood either by abortion or birth control look at Sarah, they can’t stand her, even if they can’t explain why. Because she was able to have a family and a career, they see her as having the best of both worlds. They see, in this confident, self-possessed, accomplished woman, surrounded by a loving family, everything they gave up.

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