Apparently political cartoonists didn’t have time to draw on our issue this week because they were too busy playing Connect the Dots
by Clay Bennett at Universal Press Syndicate
cartoon 1-9 bennett jan 3-9 universal press syndicate connect dots.gif
by Stuart Carlson at

cartoon 1-9 stuart carlson.gif
by Steve Kelley at
cartoon 1-9 steve kelley.gif
by Jack Ohman at
cartoon 1-9 jack ohman.gif
by Bob Gorrell at
by bob gorrell.gif
by Clay Jones at
by clay jones.gif
by Steve Sack at
cartoon steve sack.gif
by Steve Benson at
cartoon by steve benson.gif
by Tom Toles at
by tom toles.gif
by Ben Sargent at
ben sargent.gif
by Chan Lowe at
cartoon chan lowe.gif

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