Most political cartoonists this week aimed at President Obama and the Dept. of Homeland Security’s miss of the Underwear Bomber. But here was a good one on the Life issue, by David Horsey at
cartoon 1-3 david horsey gocomics 12-30 another waste of stem cells.gif
And here are 6 on various and sundry other 2009 issues…
by Chip Bok at

cartoon 1-3 chip bok larger.jpg
by Dana Summers at
cartoon 1-3 dana summers gocomics 12-28 these things dont backfire do they.gif
by Lisa Benson at
cartoon 1-3 lisa benson gocomics 1-1 top 10 news stories obama.gif
(Interestingly, my column, “Top 10 pro-life stories of 2009,” were mostly about Obama, too, for opposite reasons than MSM‘s.)
by Dick Locher at
cartoon 1-3 dick locher gocomics 12-30 (12-27) take out promises 2009.gif
by Gary McCoy at
cartoon 1-3 gary mccoy larger.jpg
by Ted Rall at
cartoon 1-3 ted rall gocomics 12-28 i miss newspapers.gif
Finally, below are some smokin’ Underwear Bomber cartoons…
by Ken Catalino at
cartoon 1-3 ken catalino gocomics 12-29 sorry smoking is not allowed.gif
by Pat Oliphant at
cartoon 1-3 pat oliphant gocomics 1-1 political correctness airport security.gif
by Michael Ramirez at
cartoon 1-3 michael ramirez larger.jpg
by Steve Benson at
cartoon 1-3 steve benson gocomics 12-30 captain napolitano.gif
by Nick Anderson at
cartoon 1-3 nick anderson gocomics 12-29 how did you get that bomb past security.gif

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