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WARNING: Vulgarity ahead.
Today has been a publicity filled day for Angie Jackson, capped off late this afternoon by an email from ABC News requesting an interview. (Angie will be speaking with a producer tomorrow.) Recall abortion hype was her goal:
angie demistify 2.png
Liberal rag Salon gave Angie an atta girl (emphasis the author’s)…

Angie Jackson.jpg

[T]here is something reassuring about how she matter-of-factly walks us, and herself, through the whole process. It’s as though she’s live-tweeting the aftermath of a routine medical procedure, like a wisdom tooth extraction….
Considering that abortion is so prone to politicized distortions and outright lies, Jackson is doing women a real favor. This isn’t another case of overshare-itis, it’s an example of how amid all the frivolous cacophony of Facebook, Twitter and the like, some folks are, like, actually doing good.

Alan Colmes thought Angie’s tweets were “almost like guerilla sex ed.” (So funny that Angie later tweeted, “WTF is the Alan Colmes show?”)
Then there were the downers from our side, including Townhall, Family Research Council, and, of course me. Which brings me to Angie’s accusation:
angie, jill stanek, abortion.png
Now this makes no sense. Did Angie only want to “demistify” abortion to pro-aborts? Did she not intend to persuade pro-lifers? Rather, shouldn’t Angie be thanking me for bringing pro-lifers to #livetweetingabortion?
And only in the crazy pro-abort world in which we live could a mother seeking publicity for killing one child feign concern a pro-lifer might harm her other child.

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