I read a couple days ago about the Seattle, WA, 15-year-old who got a clandestine abortion with her school’s help but without her mother knowing. Here’s a Fox News recap for those who don’t know about it:
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Parents of school children in Seattle are learning a shocking lesson, when it comes to some very important decisions they don’t have a say. The mother of a 15-year old girl recently discovered that Ballard High School helped her daughter get an abortion and never informed her….

Parents signed consent forms for off-school treatment thinking it was limited to emergency health care when the parents could not be reached. But the teen health clinics at 14 Seattle schools are about much more….
The mother says they encouraged her to have an abortion and not tell her parents. She claims her daughter was told that if she informed her parents they would have to pay for the abortion, otherwise it’s free.
The teen clinics are administered by the King County Health Dept….
[T]he girl was called a taxi and transported by herself to a clinic to have her abortion then driven back to finish her school day….
WA State is one of 13 states that does not have either a parental consent or parental notification law.

I didn’t report on it because, really, what’s the beef? WA doesn’t have a parental involvement law, and the stupid mother signed this form for her daughter to get “reproductive health care” without her consent.
But I stepped back today. For the past few years we’ve been ardently trying to tell the American people that “reproductive health care” encompasses abortion, 1st when battling FOCA and then socialized healthcare. Well, here you go, an object lesson.
But really, the school system was obfuscating. Why not clearly say consent covers “abortion”?
A couple other points.
1st, this abortion wasn’t “free.” It was government funded, paid largely by a tax voters approved in 2005to help all Seattle’s children become school ready, succeed academically, and graduate from high school.” Did voters really intend for this tax to cover underage abortions? I doubt it.
2nd, this school system is as involved in comprehensive sex ed as possible, herein demonstrated once again to be a failure.
On both those points, here are some excerpts from a 2007 Seattlepi.com article touting these in-school clinics that transport out-of-school for abortion…

Public Health also manages the nearly $3 million in annual funds from Seattle’s Families and Education Levy that cover about 70% of the school-based health centers….
At the clinic, students also can receive vaccines, sports physicals, birth control, pregnancy tests and STD screenings. [Dr. Jeff] Lindenbaum said the clinic normally views the age of consent as 14, and has had no problems with parents questioning access to birth control or STD tests without their permission. He encourages students to get their parents involved, but said evidence shows most teens are sexually active often for 6 months before seeking contraception. The availability of contraception does not foster early sexual activity, Lindenbaum said. While he and the clinic staff encourage abstinence, as a fallback they believe no harm is done by teaching prevention….
And despite students’ initial apprehension of the clinic – wondering if the staff could be trusted and if it was more than just for sex education – most come on a regular basis and recommend it to their friends….
[18-year-old Jasmine] Tantoco has used the clinic during her 4 years at Franklin [a sister school] for her annual physicals and exams and has received HIV tests….

[Help appreciated from Twitter friend Rhondadoty and Facebook friend Rachelle; photo via KOMO News]

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