UPDATE, 3:55p: See video here.

todd bullis with abortion sign.pngUPDATE, 12:59p: Just spoke with Todd, who just spoke with a Ventura Police Dept. internal affairs officer. Todd got the name of the person wrong. I’m sorry I posted it.

It turns out, however, the person who did the face spraying and hosing was a police officer who attends that church and apparently functions in a voluntary capacity there….

I have the name but having learned my lesson will await to release it.

The plot thickens now in 2 regards, 1st because the assaulter is a police officer and 2nd because fellow officers did not arrest him, even though they saw him assaulting Todd and the incident is on videotape. Todd is on his way to the station now to retrieve a copy.

UPDATE, 11:55a: I’m removing the name of the pastor because there is now a dispute whether it was he or a parent who sprayed and hosed Todd. Todd is sure it’s him, having spoken with him on other occasions, but a church spokesperson disputed it when another pro-lifer called this morning. I just called but was told the pastors are off on Mondays.

09:47a: I reported last week pro-life activist Todd Bullis was launching The Church Project to educate pastors and congregants of Ventura, CA, churches of the reality of abortion through signs of graphic abortion images.

Currently only 10 of 100 Ventura churches support pregnancy care centers. Todd’s mission is to rouse churches in his ministry area to become more proactive in opposing abortion by picketing 1 church a week.

Todd launched his effort last Sunday at Reality Ventura Church, and the morning went relatively smoothly.

ventura first assemblies of God, abortion.pngYesterday’s picket at Ventura First Assembly of God did not.

Allegedly a pastor assaulted Bullis. Here’s what happened, according to Todd in an email…

The pastor came out with a spray bottle of water and another spray bottle with vinegar and sprayed me in the face. First he sprayed me with the water and then he sprayed me with the vinegar. By the time I knew what was happening it was too late. My eyes were burning and I had to turn away. My son was videoing the whole thing.

My other son then called the cops. At that point I was trying to rub my eyes and see what was going on, and the pastor got a big reel of water hose out of his car and connected it to the church water spigot. I was still just standing there holding my sign when he walked up about 6 or 8 feet from me and just started spraying me with the hose. I just stood there waiting for the cops.

After about 2 mins of this soaking me the cops showed up and they saw him spraying me with the hose. The cops said they saw him squirting me with the hose and the pastor admitted to the cops that he did it.

How shocking and disturbing if the portrayal of these events is accurate.

The police confiscated Todd’s videotape for evidence, but fortunately pro-life tough guy Gregg Cunningham of the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform is shepherding Todd and has instructed him to go to the police department this morning and not leave until he gets a copy or the original of his videotape. Of course I’ll post it as soon as it’s available. Pray it isn’t destroyed.

Gregg is advising Todd to press criminal and civil charges. Gregg has already sent Greg Totten, Ventura Co. District Attorney, a letter demanding prosecution for assault.
cbr truth trucks.jpg

Gregg also emailed Todd:

I am also committing to coming to Ventura Co. with our trucks and signs as quickly as possible for as large a presence as we can mount at this church to send a message that this sort of assault will only motivate us to lay siege to an offending church. I want the word to go out that if we are attacked, we will make a career of surrounding your church with a huge abortion photo presence which we will maintain until we see genuine repentance.

Stay tuned….

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