UPDATE, 3/30, 6:55p: The Ventura County Star has posted an article about the incident, along with Todd Bullis’s video. The piece states hoser police officer Jon Hixson faces a “misdemeanor battery charge.”…

UPDATE, 3/30, 3:53p: Ventura Police Dept. Internal Affairs notified Todd Bullis that Officer Jon Hixson has been suspended pending the outcome of the investigation. He also admitted to Internal Affairs he put vinegar in at least one of the spray bottles (which they have retrieved as evidence)….

UPDATE, 3/30, 11:45a: Note in the 1st video Jon Hixson says at 1:05, “The police are already here!” in response to pro-lifers saying they were going to call the cops. We now know why: Hixson is a Ventura, CA, police officer.

This 2nd video, which Todd Bullis posted last night, shows what happened when Hixson’s colleagues arrived: nothing. Note Officer J. Flowers Fowler (spelling according to Ventura internal affairs) acknowledges at :57 he saw Hixson hosing Bullis when he pulled up.

3/29, 3:55p: Well, this video is pretty nuts. It’s of the incident I described earlier today, which took place yesterday morning at Ventura First Assembly of God in Ventura, CA.

It turns out that the church member who sprayed Todd Bullis in the face with a bottle containing a substance that smelled like vinegar and then hosed him was Ventura off-duty police officer Jon Hixson, according to a Ventura Police Dept. internal affairs officer.
Cannot believe the audacity of this guy… inviting filming to commence… explaining what he is about to do… wow, what an idiot.


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