UPDATE, 11:18a: One other point I forgot to mention, it seems to me the description of the preborn baby the abortion mill was forced to give by TX law was intended to invoke mental images of a little monster:

It was a man’s prerecorded voice telling me that, “The lungs are beginning to form. Brain activity can be recorded. Eyes are present, but no eyelids yet. The heart is more developed and is beating. Early reflexes develop. The hands and feet have fingers and toes, but may still be webbed. The length is less than one quarter-inch.”

9:45a: Susie Allen of Pro-Life in TN, who also authors our twice-weekly (Prolifer)ations post, sent me a link to the following April 13 article in Salon by Anonymous, entitled, “My abortion, their political ploy,” with the by-line, “While Obama signed away women’s rights, I recovered from the hardest decision I’ve had to make.”
salon abortion.jpgSo the piece was apparently intended to show why, in real time, a healthcare bill sans public funding for abortion hurts pregnant mothers in crisis.
But IMO this was a terribly sad, painfully bleak article that inadvertently bode poorly for abortion as a supposedly great right. The picture painted was of a woman who engaged in casual sex out of loneliness and then felt strangely compelled to abort her baby, even though she wanted children and her partner was willing to parent his child. She then had to pay for the abortion herself, demonstrating how women are ultimately solely responsible for their crisis pregnancies. Abortion exploits women.
And the pain. Sheesh. Who would want to get an abortion after reading this?…

On the other hand I also note Anonymous described the normal symptoms of early pregnancy as extraordinarily difficult, too. Pro-aborts usually do. They must portray pregnancy in horribly dramatic terms to rationalize their abortions. But all that really means is they can’t handle being real women.
So here’s Anonymous’s intro:

Last month, while President Obama quietly signed an executive order reaffirming that no federal funds can be used for abortion, I was alone in bed, waking from a fitful, 18-hour sleep, if you can even call it that. There were dried and fresh tears on my face. I was wearing a Maxi-pad that felt like a diaper and was spotted with blood. My breasts were swollen, painful to the touch. The sharp cramps in my uterus were crippling and unrelenting. I was nauseated, dry-heaving despite an empty stomach, nearly incapable of taking the medication and antibiotics necessary to quell the pain and stave off infection.
The day before, on Tuesday, March 23, I had an abortion….

Continue reading at Salon.com. Then tell me what you think.
[Photos via Salon]

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