UPDATE, 4:27p: Todd Bullis needs more video cameras to document his pro-life church efforts. “As long as they are digital cameras, they are good.” Todd emailed. “They can even be old used ones as long as they can connect to a usb drive.” Can you help? Email Todd at todd@abortionWoes.com

todd bullis church repent 5.pngUPDATE, 1:34p: Todd has posted video of his group’s protest yesterday. With the song in the background, it’s haunting.

At about 3:30 you see church leaders guarding against their flock seeing the reality of abortion.
At about 5:30 you see that man Todd wrote about in his email approach them, and Jim Deck try to turn him back.

This is an example of so much of America’s church. So disturbing. I think this video will used as an historical example of the church’s silence on the holocaust of abortion.

9:29a: Read backstory here and here.

Pro-life activist Todd Bullis and his troupe took Easter weekend off for personal family and worship time.

But they were back at the First Assembly of God Church in Ventura, CA, yesterday to admonish its leaders to more proactively educate their congregation about the abortion issue as well as support the pro-life effort through such actions as financially supporting the local pregnancy crisis center, for instance….

todd bullis church repent.jpg

Here is Todd’s email report:

One man came out of First Assembly Church today to talk to us. He said hi as he walked up to us, and that he liked our “church repent” sign.

jim deck.jpg

At that point Associate Pastor Jim Deck [pictured right] came up to him and asked him not to talk to us, putting his hand on this fellow’s shoulder and attempting to turn him away.

This kind man said no to Jim and turned back to us. Then Jim stood between him and us and said, “You do not know what is going on here.” The man responded, “Yes, I do, and I can stand here and look at the signs if I want to.”

Jim said again, “You don’t understand,” and the man answered, “I do understand, and you should invite these men inside the church and listen to them.”

Jim started to walk away and the man said, “You I do not trust.” Jim stopped and turned to the man and said, “What?” The man repeated, “I do not trust you.” Jim walked away.

This man than looked at me with eyes welling with tears. He said a few weeks ago a guest pastor preached how the church is not living up to its calling. “Then next week you guys show up with your signs,” he continued. “Our church should have invited you in, but instead we turned the hose on you.

His eyes were tearing, and his heart was so loving. I saw Christ in him.

As Jim Deck and 4 or 5 of his men stood but 20 feet away, I asked this man If I could give him a hug. His face lit up, and I got one of the biggest hugs I have had in years.

The man said, “I will hear about this later I am sure, but that is ok.”

Todd bullis church repent 2.jpg

The man looked at each one of our signs as if in respect for the dead, as if he were repenting. Then he went over and talked to the 4 or 5 of Jim Deck’s most holy. He then got in to his car, and as he drove past he yelled, “Yeah, Todd!”

How this man had blessed me and my family is beyond words. This was the first true act of kindness this church had shown us. This man heart was so loving.
What a blessed day we had. God is so good.

Todd, you and your group have blessed my day.

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