abortion changes you post nyt.jpgUDPATE, 4/19, 6:30a: Still no recap of Saturday’s protest from Sunsara. Me thinks it was a bust.
UPDATE, 4/18, 7:20a: At 12:45a this morning Sunsara blogged about a debate she participated in Friday night at the University of Chicago entitled, “”A Communist, a scientist, and a priest sat down to discuss… morality to change the world,” Sunsara being the Communist. Her previous post was dated April 13. No mention of her planned pro-abort NYC subway protest yesterday. So I’m guessing no one showed up. Just made a request at RH Reality Check for an update.
4/17, 6:13a: The “Abortion changes you” ad campaign in the NYC subway system continues to make waves….

The 2000-poster ad buy was supposed to end the 1st week of April. I wonder if organizers bought more time. Will check on that.
Today (Saturday) abortion activist Sunsara Taylor is organizing a counterprotest:

Meet at 2pm near the subway entrance – SW corner of Union Sq. Make your own pro-abortion/pro-choice ad and we’ll spread our message through the subway, stopping at Columbia University, in Harlem and Williamsburg.

abortion changes you post nyt male.jpgI sure wish I could be there. If any pro-lifers are in the area and would care to infiltrate the group, count heads, take photos, and report back, I’d love it and would be sure to post findings.
Here is what Sunsara says will be the group’s message:

“forced childbearing changes you”
Abortion on demand and without apology!
A fetus is NOT a baby!
Women are NOT Incubators!
Abortion is NOT Murder!

Don’t I remember from Psych 101 that making denials in this fashion only mentally draws people to think the opposite? And who was it who said, “Doth protest too much”?
So what do you think of Sunsara’s counter campaign to the “Abortion changes you” ads?

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