Praise God, there will be no more of this…
video has been removed.png
… as we saw when YouTube repeatedly yanked Citizens for a Pro-life Society’s videos documenting what they found in late-term abortionist Alberto Hodari’s trash in 2008.
And that was just one example of YouTube’s bias against showing the reality of abortion by censoring our videos.
In response, pro-lifer Todd Bullis, of Ventura, CA, activist fame, has created….

The pro-life community has needed this for a long time! Todd is a software developer, saw the need, and filled it. Thank you, Todd!
Any and all pro-lifers can now upload their videos and photos to, just as they would to YouTube, but without fear of being expunged.
Todd has spent weeks adding what pro-life videos he could find on YouTube to give a solid base. One of the videos he found was this disturbing clip, which I had never seen…

This video was originally shot on March 10, 2009, at a Charlotte, NC, abortion mill. Here’s the backstory, from opersvamerica:

Yesterday they [sidewalk counselors] came upon something they have often witnessed at the mills but never got on video – a father forcing his daughter to have an abortion. She was given no choice. So many of the women brought to abortion mills are really given no choice. She ran from the abortion mill and from her father, crying all the way. The father ran after her, chased her down, put her arm in a hammerlock, and forced her back to the mill.
The police were called and brought the entire family to the police station. When the family came back to the mill, our hearts fell as we thought the father had had his way. It was not to be! The father stormed into the abortion mill, got his money back, and sped out of the driveway honking his horn all the way. He was extremely unhappy but mother and baby are doing just fine.
The policeman told us that the father was going to let her carry the baby to term! Praise the Lord!

Thank goodness, this story had a happy ending. Now the pro-life community has a depository for all our videos documenting the horrors of abortion, pro-life activism, and even pro-life music videos at

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