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Wenches at the Everysaturdaymorning blog dedicated a post yesterday to her concern for the children of pro-life abortion mill sidewalk counselors and prayerful protesters….

everysaturdaymorningkids 2.pngConsidering Wenches is an abortion mill deathscort whose job it is to ensure swift passage for pregnant mothers to kill their babies, her fretfulness fell a tad flat.
Given Wenches’ occupation, the irony in many of her comments was rich…

  • “when i see these kids on the sidewalk, part of me feels sad, for what they are missing.”
  • “there are disturbing images on posters larger than these kids are.”
  • “some parents take it a step further. they carry their children while chasing clients from their cars, down the sidewalk, to the doors.”
  • Wenches’ example of the latter was this video (taken at EMW Women’s Surgical Center in Louisville, KY, about which I’ve previously written), which shows blessed white parents who have adopted unwanted black babies, amplifying the irony.

    About that video Ashley Herzog, a pro-abort commenter here, wrote on her blog that “some of the adult protesters literally strap kids onto their bodies,” as if they were bombs.
    Ashley likewise expressed concern for children who see “images of bloody fetuses.”
    Somehow Ashley and Wenches are missing the grandest irony – that they support suctioning and chopping up the preborn children who become the subjects of those pictures. The images are bad but not what causes them?
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    Wenches worried, “will these people grow up to be brainwashed zealots, carbon copies of their parents? will they rebel, and end up angry?”
    No matter what the parental ideology, there is always that risk children will rebel. My goodness, God’s first children even rebelled, and He was the perfect parent.
    But I daresay being raised by passionately pro-life parents is a huge reason why so many young people are pro-life.
    Conversely, an ideology that promotes killing of offspring and population control doesn’t leave many children to parent or persuade to one’s way of thinking.
    [HT: Ashley Herzog; all photos via Everysaturdaymorning.com]

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