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  • At the Abortion Gang blog, Shayna attempts to argue that pro-lifers know fetuses aren’t the same as children because they haven’t (to the best of her knowledge) pushed for tax exemptions for unborn children and stillborns. The argument is obviously logically flawed for a number of reasons but Shayna is also unaware that pro-lifers in at least one state have successfully passed legislation to give families who experience a stillbirth after 20 weeks a one-time tax exemption. The legislation passed unanimously.
    Open mouth, insert foot….
  • A CT man named Arturo Rojas has been arrested for repeatedly hitting his pregnant girlfriend in the stomach because she wouldn’t get an abortion:
  • According to police, Rojas came back to the woman’s apartment while they were investigating and told them: “Yeah, I (messed) that (woman) up. She is stupid and won’t get an abortion.”


  • The Washington Post has an article on ella, a new emergency “contraceptive” which may act to prevent implantation:
  • Ella works as a contraceptive by blocking progesterone’s activity, which delays the ovaries from producing an egg. RU-486, too, blocks the action of progesterone, which is also needed to prepare the womb to accept a fertilized egg and to nurture a developing embryo. That’s how RU-486 can prevent a fertilized egg from implanting and dislodge growing embryos.
    Ella’s chemical similarity raises the possibility that it might do the same thing, perhaps if taken at elevated doses. But no one knows for sure because the drug has never been tested that way. Opponents of the drug are convinced it will. “It kills embryos, just like the abortion pill,” said Donna Harrison, president of the American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists….
    They also fear some women will try to use ella to abort a fetus, putting themselves at risk for potentially life-threatening complications that have been reported among a small number of women using RU-486, and possibly damage their developing child if it doesn’t work.

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