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  • Adam Freedman has a piece in the National Review discussing how Roe v. Wade could be an obstacle to Obamacare:
  • Because the right to privacy is deemed fundamental, any statute that threatens that right is subject to “strict scrutiny” by the courts. It is difficult to see how the individual mandate would survive such scrutiny. After all, if the right to privacy guarantees our liberty to make “intimate,” “personal” decisions relating to “health,” “dignity,” and “autonomy,” does it not also protect our right not to buy health insurance?…

    If the Constitution prohibits government from dictating decisions that “full adult humans” can otherwise make for themselves, how can the same Constitution authorize Congress to force adult citizens to enter into particular private contracts?

  • Republican Sen. Wayne Kuipers has introduced a bill to modify MI’s ultrasound law to force abortionists to use the most advanced equipment in their clinics when giving women the option of viewing their ultrasound “because some facilities have used outdated equipment that intentionally produced grainy images instead of using their newest technology.”
  • Linda Hirschman is so enraptured with abortion she apparently can’t see how female pro-life candidates may think working to limit a procedure which kills more than half a million females annually is “mak(ing) it easier for the young ones coming along next.”
  • s-ELENA-KAGAN-ABORTION-large.jpg

  • NARAL hearts Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan:
  • A Democratic source sent HuffPost the talking points being distributed by NARAL Pro-Choice America and used in turn by progressive groups tasked with defending Kagan’s record. The bullets cast Obama’s choice for the court as decidedly within the mainstream of public opinion on abortion – which, for NARAL, is a positive….
    Ted Miller, a spokesman for NARAL, confirmed the authenticity of the talking points….
    “The writings are consistent with the pro-choice position of the Clinton White House and even Sandra Day O’Connor,” Miller said.

    [Kagan photo: AP via Huffington Post]

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