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  • Researchers from Finland have found that Finnish women who have 2nd trimester abortions are more likely to have repeat abortions:
  • Compared with women who had 1st trimester abortions, those who had 2nd-trimester abortions were 40% more likely to have had a 2nd abortion by the end of 2006, the researchers found, while they were nearly 4 times as likely to have a 2nd late abortion, and 5 times as likely to have an abortion after 16 weeks’ gestation…..

    Lack of access to abortions was unlikely to be a factor in whether or not women had late abortions, the researchers note, given that by Finnish law there must be “no unnecessary delays” in performing abortion once a woman decides to apply for one; also, almost all of the abortions in the study were done in public hospitals.

    Something to remember when pro-choicers claim that abortion restrictions only lead to women getting later term abortions.

  • Dorothy Warren writes a solid letter to the editor of the Washington Post in response to Jessica Valenti’s editorial on Sarah Palin (pictured far left) and feminism:
  • Jessica Valenti (pictured immediate left) may be a passionate feminist, but she’s clearly no logician. While claiming “there’s no grand arbiter of the [feminist] label,” she nevertheless said that it is “absolutely” possible to exclude women such as Sarah Palin from the feminist camp — in other words, that there is a grand arbiter, and her name is Ms. Valenti.
    The touchstone of this grand arbiter is no mystery. While Ms. Valenti mentioned other feminist issues – universal suffrage, pay equity, the persistence of patriarchy – the one measure she invoked no less than 7 times was: abortion.

    I’d also note that Valenti’s editorial includes the years-old media created myth that Sarah Palin slashed funding for a shelter for teenage moms.

  • According to Reuters, the Costa Rican health ministry has shut down the country’s largest stem cell clinic because there is no evidence their adult stem cell treatments work.
  • An abortionist in India has been arrested after a woman bled to death after she performed on abortion on her.
  • [Palin photo via gratefuldread.wordpress.com; Valenti photo via idsnews.com]

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