Thumbnail image for cecile richards and margaret sanger.pngPro-lifers often say pro-aborts are on the wrong side of history and will someday be viewed with as much disdain as those who 150 years ago supported slavery.
Someday descendants of Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards will be ashamed she is part of their family tree.
And already, even though she was majorly responsible for legalizing abortion, which is still popular in avant-gard American circles, PP founder Margaret Sanger is sinking in public opinion as her eugenic view of blacks becomes more widely known.
So I read a June 1 story at AOL News this morning and thought this is how it will be for Sanger et al someday, 50 or 100 years from now. Their pasts will haunt them from the grave and sully any other good they did, just as does William Stewart Simkins’s past…

In 1954, the University of Texas named a dorm after William Stewart Simkins, who taught law there for 3 decades. Simkins has been dead for more than 80 years but now his past – as a leader of the Ku Klux Klan – has come back to haunt the school….


The disclosure of Simkins’ past in a recently published article has the UT administration considering whether to remove his name from the dorm – Simkins Residence Hall.
“Simkins was a mask-wearing coward, a night-riding Klansman who admitted committing violence against freed slaves,” legal historian Tom Russell told AOL News.
Russell, a former UT law professor, wrote the scholarly article, which was published on March 22 in the online journal, Social Science Network…. His article describes Simkins as a Klansman who boasted to UT students about his activities and how he assaulted African-Americans….

It is not too late for pro-aborts reading this to regain control of their legacy, which will otherwise be ruined.
Someday to be remembered as a pro-abort will be as disgraceful as to be remembered as a Nazi.

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