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Todd Bullis and his merry band of pro-lifers have prayerfully protested in front of the Ventura First Assembly of God Church in Ventura, CA, from 7:30a-11a for 12 of the last 14 Sundays.

They are protesting because while the church says it is pro-life, it has no works demonstrating it is pro-life – no support of pregnancy care centers or preaching against abortion, for instance.

Around the corner from First Assembly are 2 other churches, Ventura Missionary Church and the Church of the Foothills. And in between First Assembly and the corner is a Jewish synagogue, Temple Beth Torah….

Before the 2 churches around the corner begin their 11a services, the surrounding streets get backed up with cars full of church goers.

So Todd and his crew thought this week they’d spread their signs out further to catch more traffic – to the corner, right past the synagogue. This prompted blowback from the Jews, whose members happened to be there on a Sunday for a function.

Then another man, angry that his kids had to see photos of aborted babies, decided to pack up Todd’s signs. I asked Todd this morning if he was going to prosecute and he said, “No, it was time to pack them up anyway.” So the man helped Todd out and didn’t know it. After all that, Todd’s sons engaged the man in a lengthy conversation.

All in all it made for a rather eventful Sunday.

Todd also told me First Assembly held a prayer meeting Saturday where his group stands in front of the church. They’ve decided they’re being persecuted, and the Bible says to pray for your persecutors.

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