Thumbnail image for blog buzz.jpgby Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN

  • Secular Pro-Life describes a young girl’s social networking site post, celebrating getting an abortion after a drunken party. Self-professed abortion rights advocates express such a strong distaste for her cavalier attitude that they wish her great harm.

  • Bryan Kemper reports reactions to the March for Life Berlin:

    … [T]he pro-aborts were lining up beside us screaming the most foul and sexual things at the pro-lifers. They were holding the crosses upside down, waiving rubber sexual organs and throwing condoms filled with water at us….

    This march was so significant because Europe has been in a post-Christian culture for many years and this was a renewal of young Christians taking a stand and shining the light of Christ in the streets.

  • SoapboxFive discusses the recent attempts to discredit CPCs and the mixed messages pro-aborts give to women:

    We’ve been led to believe a contradiction. On one hand, we’re told women who seek abortion services are “empowered,” (who needs to know those pesky biological facts about fetal development?), and on the other hand, women are “victimized” by those sly, evil, and nasty CPCs…. But you really can’t have it both ways.

  • The Passionate Pro-Lifer is encouraged that a Notre Dame administrator (coincidentally dismissed in a recent “restructuring”) will be allowed to give testimonial that past protesters (gay rights and anti-ROTC activists) protested on campus without permits and without charges filed, which contradicts the president’s previous statement that protesters received equal treatment. Charges were brought against pro-life protesters at Obama’s graduation speech last May.
  • Christina at Real Choice tells the unfortunate story of a woman who died from an undetected, ruptured ectopic pregnancy following an abortion. Christina writes, “The pain and nausea associated with an ectopic pregnancy are often mistaken for ordinary post-abortion symptoms, and are ignored until the tube ruptures and the woman’s life is in danger.”
  • ProWomanProLife notes a recent U of OR study being lauded by pro-aborts which showed teens do not have depression and low self-esteem following abortion. Aside from the fact that such a small sample size is often labeled “insignificant” when the results back pro-life views, PWPL points out pro-aborts will do anything to advance the theory of a “procedure that is quick, painless (both emotionally and physically for the women), and accessible with as little emotivism as possible…” and warns us, “these teenagers will one day be deciding what to do with all of us when we’re seniors.”
  • Pro-Life Action League critiques the language of a Time article regarding the “importance of the first 9 months.”
  • Coming Home remarks on the great blessings of special needs children, stating, “Love sees that which narcissism and fear obscure.”
  • Wesley J. Smith reveals one of his pet peeves: calling contraception a “right.” Smith writes, “But should birth control be considered a basic right akin to the rights to life, speech…? Is access to birth control really so central to the minimum level of human existence that everyone should be legally required to have access to it? Nope.”
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