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  • There are various local news stories in which Lansing 40 Days for Life organizer Chris Veneklase discussed how he discovered aborted children in the dumpster of a MI abortion clinic alongside the names of the mothers who aborted. (See an earlier post on this topic here.)State Rep. Rick Jones has introduced legislation to make it a crime to dispose of fetal remains this way:

    “At the end of the days they did abortions, the clinic staff would bring out a large black trash bag,” said Veneklase. “I never saw a medical waste service come to this clinic which is usually common. …”I began to wonder what they were throwing out.”

    A big black trash bag from the clinic was noticed being carried by an employee and put into the trunk of a car. Then the bag was driven across the complex and taken to the dumpster and what was found next, Veneklase says was mortifying….

    “They were in bags with the mother’s name on the bag. Additional medical records were there along with bloody gauze, bloody gloves and other various things from an abortion,” said State Rep. Rick Jones.

  • A mother in India has been arrested after dropping her female child out of the hospital window. The child died from head injuries. The mother gave birth to premature twins, a boy and a girl:The girl’s mother initially claimed that her daughter had been stolen but security camera footage showed her going into the toilet with the baby and emerging without her.

  • A TX bishop has issued on statement on an upcoming lecture by a priest who teaches at SMU. The priest, Charles Curran (pictured left), appears to be one of those priests who doesn’t really accept the Catholic Church’s teaching on abortion, though he claims he does:

    “This paper is not about the Catholic moral teaching on abortion,” Curran said Tuesday. “In fact, the paper accepts the Catholic moral teaching that direct abortion is always wrong. The paper deals solely with abortion law and argues that one who holds the Catholic moral teaching can come to different conclusions about what the law should be.”

    So abortion is the unjustified intentional killing of a human being and is always wrong but should be legal? No wonder then-Cardinal Ratzinger declared him unfit to teach theology at a Catholic school in 1986.

  • [Curran photo via bohlightofchrist.org]

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