Thumbnail image for blog buzz.jpgby Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN

  • Life Training Institute quotes author and producer Nora Ephron, who recently claimed, “You can’t call yourself a feminist if you don’t believe in the right to abortion.” LTI’s response:

    … Nora Ephron’s feminism is weak because it is not feminism at all. As Dr. Francis Beckwith points out in Defending Life, stating that abortion is necessary for the equality of women is to say that women in their natural state are unequal to men and need legal access to a surgical procedure in order to have a competitive chance. That is a very inspiring view of women you have to offer there, Nora.

  • Live Action speaks to the importance of voting for life at all political levels.
  • Generations for Life analyzes an Abortioneer’s description of 1st and 2nd trimester abortions, and the attempt to portray the procedure as “minor.” The so-called “gentle suction” is anything but gentle to the body of an unborn human.
  • Culture Campaign slams a DC middle school for administering a sexual information “pre-test” to 12-year-olds which included questions about sexual orientation, oral sex, vaginal sex, anal sex, condom usage, and bodily fluids. Parental permission slips were sent home on the day the tests were given – after the fact.

  • Catholic Vote informs readers the SBA List is being sued by OH Rep. Steve Driehaus (1 of the “pro-life” Democrat sell-outs on Obamacare) to prevent billboards against his campaign (pictured above left) from being posted in his district. Driehaus claims the President’s EO covers his vote. The lawsuit is moving forward:

    Why should this concern us in the pro-life movement? Because an elected official has gone to the courts to suppress the free speech of pro-life groups he disagrees with.

    His suit… represents an act of desperation by someone who refuses to allow a pro-life group to communicate with the voters of his district. Such actions have a “chilling effect” on other pro-life groups attempting to communicate their message. You can be sure that other groups will be wary of trying to actively engage with voters through public advertising if there is a precedent established here of officials simply suing groups when they don’t like what they are saying….

    Then there’s this bombshell: “If the Commission rules that campaign laws were in fact violated, the SBA List could face criminal prosecution, fines, and even jail time.”

  • Dr. Gerard Nadal of Coming Home has a column in Headline Bistro discussing the 2010 Nobel Prize awarded to Dr. Robert Edwards for the development of IVF. Dr. Nadal notes the Nobel committee is known for “attempting to drive political agendas through their awards. Given IVF’s derivative technologies, the award for Edwards can easily be construed to be not only for helping infertile couples have a biological child of their own, but also for the invention of the technology that is at the root of embryonic stem cell research.”
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